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  • me:
    haha hey guys do u dare me to eat this whole thing of ice cream
  • them:
  • me:
    *shaking my head and chuckling* i cant believe you guys are making me do this
  • them:
    we're not
  • me:
    *eating right out of the thing* this is so wild you guys you're so fucked up for making me do this


((Is it even possible to not want to draw this))


in which makoto and haru go to the movies
don’t worry, makoto ended up getting in

submitted by avuhry 


in which makoto and haru go to the movies

don’t worry, makoto ended up getting in

submitted by  


you know what’s a good 3some? sourinmako/sourinharu/harurinmako/reirinnagi/momorinnito

basically any threesome with rin in it is a good threesome


Boyfriends getting emotional after each of them makes an epic swimming fuck-up ;~;

Anonymous asked: Hello LilyGinnyBlack :) What do you think about Haru and Rin moment, in nine episode of Free! ? What Haru actually meant, when he was telling Rin, that he swims for himself and his friends? Wasn't Rin excluded from Haru friends group? :< that was really nasty I think! I ship RinHaru, they are really great together, and they complete each other. I feel really bad for Rin. He only screamed for Haru because now they can't swim together since Haru messed up at this point...



I am putting my response under a Read More due to spoilers and length.

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I see that Tumblr has gone nuts over Free ES 9, and I’m totally okay with that (more posts to reblog) but there are things that got on my nerves

Like people saying “Rin is putting too much pressure on Haru” or “Rin is being a jerk again!” or “Rin is pushing his dreams on Haru”

Excuse me we’re…


Haruka is clearly intimidated by Rin’s ‘light’ which he associates with the ‘future’ and perhaps that’s why he ends up unintentionally extinguishing said light.

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